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Adult Dogs Available

Every once in a while we have a dog that has finished his or her show career, and is not going to be part of our breeding program, or is finished breeding. These dogs will typically be between one and two years of age.  
This is Eva - not available!  She is just here showing off how cute she is.
We receive a great many inquiries about adults.  Many people don't want the work of raising a puppy, and envision less demands in acquiring an adult.  But please be aware that, even with a basically well socialized and well tempered animal, often this is not true.  Taking on an adult that has been living quite a different life than the one you lead in your home, can be a serious commitment of time and attention.

 It might take the adult longer to bond with you than a puppy. Your adult may actually need more attention from you than a puppy, who comes at a much more "programmable" and "new relationship ready" stage of life. In order to bond with an adult Poodle, you need to commit to actually doing things with your dog with active interaction, for a good period of time every day. And while it was no doubt potty trained in some fashion in its prior life, that does not necessarily translate into being potty trained in your house.    

Finally, please do not acquire an adult dog because you would like to be able to leave it alone in the house for more hours in the day than a puppy could handle.  Your new adult dog will need your attention just as much or more, for a significant period of time.  Poodles are particularly prone to separation anxiety.

So please do think about these issues when making the decision as to what is the best age dog for you.
As Rescue Coordinator for the Columbia Poodle Club,  I am occasionally asked to assist in finding a new home for an adult Poodle.  I do forward these contacts to everyone who has emailed me in the last year looking for an adult, and sometimes will list them on this page. Occasionally we are contacted by shelters when they get in a purebred Poodle, to assist with fostering and rehoming.  Usually we find good homes in a few days.  Decent adults go fast in the Northwest . . .  

There are really three types of adult Poodles we very occasionally can offer, or facilitate, for a new home.  We have a paragraph on each below.  There are more resources for finding your adult dog - see below!

The Young Champion: 

Guardian Ownership  
The Guardian Home is one that will allow us to breed your champion female up to two times before spaying, or a male for a specified period of time.   There is no up front cost involved in acquiring this Poodle, but there are requirements for the Guardian Home in addition to the other usual "good Poodle home" criteria, due to the testing, breeding and transportation involved.   A girl will come to our home for whelping, then return to your home when the pups are seven or eight weeks old.  After her last litter, she will be spayed and title signed over to her Guardian owners, who then have no further obligations or restrictions.  A male will be kept available for breeding through doggy middle age.  A number of breeders use guardian homes for their breeding dogs, so we recommend contacting better breeders and letting them know of your interest in adopting an adult retired dog.

Dogs from other owners 
Since the pandemic started, people are increasingly using the internet to help rehome dogs.  Websites such as RescueMe.org and Petfinder.com are used by the shelters and rescue organizations, as well as by individuals, to show available dogs.  You can sign up for alerts from these sites for the breeds you are interested in, from the areas to which you could travel. 

Facebook also has many, many sites for Poodle fanciers, and Poodles available for adoption often are posted there.  You do not need to have your own Facebook page to check these pages.  But what you need to be is quick - purebred Poodles do not last long.

Here is a partial listing of FB pages and websites to regularly monitor:

Facebook: Standard Poodle Rescues and Rehomes

Facebook: Retired Spayed/Neutered Poodles for Loving Homes
Facebook: Standard Poodle Owners and Breeders​ Interest Group
Facebook: Rags to Riches Rescue Poodles
Facebook:  OPCA Shelter Network Alliance
Facebook:  I Have Standards (Poodles)
Facebook:  I have Standards (Poodles), Seattle
Facebook: Standard Poodles Buy Sell Trade
Facebook:  NW Standard Poodle Network, https://www.facebook.com/groups/114
Facebook:  The Oregon Standard Poodle Club

(Note: Facebook has many, many pages devoted to Poodle fanciers. There are pages for Poodle breeders, Poodles of color, Parti Poodles, and so on. Get on Facebook and search for "Poodle" with different other words. Join appropriate groups and monitor these pages, as often available dogs show up there.)

Paula Morgan, Rescue Coordinator, Columbia Poodle Club, paula@bpmorgan.com.

Poodle Club of America Rescue Foundation, Inc - http://www.poodleclubofamericarescuefoundationinc.org/... 
Petfinder - https://www.petfinder.com/
Rescue Me: http://www.rescueme.org/ 
Adopet A Pet - http://www.adoptapet.com/dog-adopti... 
Ebay - http://ebayclassifieds.com/ 
Craigslist - http://www.craigslist.org/about/sit... 
Oodle - http://www.oodle.com/
Hoobly - http://www.hoobly.com/0/42/0/ 
Poodle Club of America Rescue Foundation, Inc https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pood... 
Poodle Rescue Network of Southern California https://www.facebook.com/groups/139... 
Standard Poodle Rescue Southwest https://www.facebook.com/standardpo... 
Bay Area Poodle Rescue https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bay-... 
 And there are more - keep looking for each state.

      Fill out each organization's application and return it ahead of time.  Be prepared and have ready all dog supplies you will need.  Be willing to jump in the car and drive, and try to set up an emergency fund for getting your Poodle to you.  It is just like adopting a child. You're on the list, you don't know when you will get the call, be ready if you are serious. 

 Be diligent in checking resources everyday. If you fill out an application, keep calling. Some rescues are just one person and can get very busy, so keep calling and getting to know that person.  Don't forget to check with breeders, who often have older dogs available. 

Be aware -  Many shelter dogs come to you healthy and happy.  BUT often they do have some behavior, health or temperament issues and this is one reason they are in rescue and were not readily taken by friends or family when rehoming was needed.  Appropriate training or medical help can result in a satisfying pet, but you should have a financial (and emotional) reserve set aside for this.
General Resources  . . .
You should know . . . .
These lovely adults are not rescues or hardship situations, but are top quality, beautiful young Poodles, usually champions, in good health and ready for their life as a great companion or performance candidate.  There is a price for these young dogs which is less than for a puppy, but does reflect their accomplishments, breeding and training.