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               BIS, BISS Am. GCh, Swed., Nor. Ch
                         Aleph American Idol, TP
                                  4/26/08 - 2/4/21

 What a spectacular career for Simon!
                                  Here are a few of his many accomplishments:

2014, 2015, 2016, 2018 & 2019 Top Standard Poodle Sire
Simon has sired over 90 American champions as of July, 2018.
                2013 Poodle Club of America National Specialty Best in Show

           2012 Crufts, England, Best of Breed- largest dog show in the world 
           2012 Poodle Club of America National Specialty Best Opposite Sex
        FCI World Dog Show, Saltzburg, Austria, Best of Breed and Group First
                                     2012 Sweden's Top Dog of the Year All Breeds

     Comments from the 2013 PCA judges on Simon:

" Seldom do you see a dog that exemplifies so well the very essence of Poodle type both moving and standing.  This dog created such excitement that he could not be denied the Best of Breed Award. "  - Judge Jack MacGillivray, Intervariety Judge

" One dog emerged that was definitely "in charge" . . . . I had never seen this dog before and I simply could not find anyplace that I would like to change him.  He never put a foot wrong, made a fantastic outline, and covered the ring with authority, grace and balance.  " - Judge James G. Reynolds ,  Standard Variety Judge

Libby was a great addition to any breeding program with her extreme elegance, beauty, headpiece, and sweet, gentle nature coupled with wicked intelligence.  We decided not  to campaign this girl because she became my most favorite pet.  Libby produced three litters of puppies that have the most exceptional temperaments and beauty.   Libby is now retired as a dam, and remains our wonderful companion.
Ch. Obsidian Special Event                   " Eva "
© COPYRIGHT 2010 Ardent Standard Poodles 

      We will be forever spoiled with the performance of this spectacular dog. 
       Adam championed at ten months of age, and was then (in the days before Grand Championships) shown as a puppy special, winning three Best of  Variety, Best Puppy in Show, PCA placement and group placement, all before one year of age.  
      Adam was outstanding even among his many champion siblings. He was just as outstanding as our companion throughout his life, and we miss him every day.

Eva and Adam were littermates in a two puppy litter.  Eva was a study in exuberant personality and sparkling intelligence.  Poodles as a rule are smart, but this girl took canine intelligence to another level.  There are lots of "Eva" stories!  We lost Eva just shy of her 15th birthday and miss her every day.


    Ch. Obsidian Champagne Event


Obsidian Ardent Surprise

Ardent Boys
Ardent Girls
    What a great group of dogs we have been blessed with having!  They are each unique, yet are all the best pets and companions we could ever have.   Listed on this page are a few of the dogs we have bred, shown and loved.

        "Tia", Valentino's Ti Amore, a tall and "birdy" brown, was our first 
   Standard. Bert’s family had once had a Standard Poodle, so when we decided 
   to get a dog, naturally that was what we had to have. Tia sold Paula 
   on the breed immediately.  

          Tia loved to play with other dogs of any age, sex or breed, so of course, 
    we had to get her a companion.  It was just going to be one . . . 
And so it began . . .
Ch. Obsidian Queen At Ardent
 Ch. King's Champagne Taste X Ch. Todd's Blue Iris of Antiphon
What a gorgeous girl is "Queen"! Pointed as a puppy,  Queen finished quickly after going in adult trim.  She received many compliments from the judges.  After finishing her show career and coming home, Queen was bred  to our Simon, and whelped her puppies on the Fourth of July, 2014. 

Queen is a very feminine, refined, and  beautiful blue girl who passed all of her genetic testing and has an OFA "excellent" rating for hips.  She has provided us with several champion offspring for the future, including "Yankee", "CeCe" and "Debbie".  We are now showing Queen's grandchildren, "Ace", Stormy",  "Jazz" and "Ricki"- see below.  

Ch. D'Kamron Klassic Kosmo x Obsidian Canisy Its My Life
        "  Simon  "

Simon was co-owned by Ardent and Donnchada Kennels.  
As spectacular a show career as Simon had, his career as a sire was just as outstanding.  A leading sire for most of his years as a producer, Simon's breeding legacy is strongly continuing through his grandchildren and beyond.

Simon strongly stamped his offspring and grandchildren with great structure and carriage and over all quality, that is carrying on through multiple generations.  He has sired over 90 American champions and has several more international champions.  


Simon in July, 2014.
What a feat for this young girl to finish her championship from the 6-9 months class, and then to complete a Grand Championship at ten months!   This young lady is one of our Fourth of July, 2014, puppies and is a full sister to Yankee, above.  She is full grown now, and her puppy "Lucci" from her first litter has now attained his own Grand Championship!

Thank you Bill and Taffe McFadden and all your crew for presenting CeCe so beautifully (and to Daniel Chavez for standing in and taking her to the Group Third in this picture).

CeCe is now happy in her guardian home on the Longview Peninsula.
Ch. Donnchada McDreamy at Horsegate x Obsidian Brenda's Star
Ch. Harwood Ardent Sophisticate - "Sophie"
Harwood When Your Hot Your Hot - "Hotsie"
2015 Gch Aleph American Idol x Calliope Spellbound in Epic Poetry

Our beautiful, compact and very correct Sophie was born in May, 2015 to an equally beautiful Manderlay Spellbound dam - what a pedigree!  Sophie earned her championship with handlers Bill and Taffe McFadden and is already happy in her new guardian home in Portland.

Sophie's littermate sister  "Hotsie" is also now a champion and has had her first litter at the home of our co-owner Betty Brown in Texas, by Donnchada By Request Suddenly Silver, in September, 2020.  This is an exciting show paring and we will be showing a white boy from this litter - "Ardent Hottish."
          Ardent Country Sunday
Ch. Donnchada Power of the Dream x Ch. Ardent Idolize Me
"Sunday" is a lot of dog! At one year of age she reached 26" at the withers, the largest in the litter.  She is a ton of loving, lovable fun.  We planned to send her out for a show career, but she needed some time first to grow into her large frame, and alas, grew right out of optimal size and proportions for a show girl!  On the bright side, she has had more time to become our wonderful pet.  

While Sunday is not a show dog, we thought you might like to see one of our home dogs.  Everyone who meets this girl wants to take her home.  
      Ch. Ardent American Express
GCh. Aleph American Idol x Ch. Obsidian Queen at Ardent
                                    July 4, 2014
These are just a few of the dogs we have most recently owned, bred and/or shown.  I keep having to delete dogs from this site or there would just be too many.     I hope you enjoyed reading about them!

                                  Rev is a Grand Champion at 10 1/2 months.
We are beyond excited about Rev.  He is the first male we have seen that we would say is the same caliber in structure and movement as the legendary Simon. 

Rev achieved his Championship at nine months, and his Grand Championship at ten and a half months of age, with a total of eight majors.  He is a tall, long legged boy with the most perfect and rare front end assembly.  With his legs, size, power and extraordinary conformation, he is exciting to watch in the show ring.  He is equally fun at home, where his sunny, always happy and unflappable temperament is proving to be as great an asset as his conformation.  

Revy has started an exciting career as a sire.  His 2020 offspring are in the show ring and we are excited at how they are doing. Puppy" Ace" has followed in dad Revy's footsteps by getting his Grand Championship at 10 months of age.  Ace's sisters are just as beautiful.  So far Revy has four champion pups, and two more pointed with major wins!

We kept Allie out of our late 2017 litter by CC's sister Debbie.  Allie was shown in the ring by our co-owner, Betty Brown.    Here she is after taking a prestigious placement at our PCA National Specialty in April, 2019.

Allie took a break from showing in 2020 to be bred to "Revy" (see above), and was rebred in 2021 to Ch. Summermist Dynamo.  She produced 15 puppies the first time and 13 the second!  We think Allie has now done all she needs to in the whelping box.  

Three exciting puppies from Allie's first litter were shown in 2021 with great success! We will be keeping two from her second litter, which is equally as beautiful.
                        Meet "Rev"
     GCh. Tees Me Revelation for Ardent
  Tees Me Shockalot Paradigm X Tees Me Cassiopia
​                                    10-5-17
And here is Bert with "Lucci" and "Fizz"as puppies, in a picture taken at our Poodle Palooza in August of 2018, before they joined Daniel Chavez to begin their show careers. 
What show career for"Lucci"!  In very few shows, Lucci finished his championship after just turning nine months, with multiple Best of Variety wins over multiple specials, and then completed his Grand Championship at 10 1/2 months.  Daniel Chavez has handled and presented this lovely boy to perfection.  

Lucci is now in his forever home enjoying a life of fun.  He is the perfect companion dog - affectionate, gentle, loyal and ready for whatever is on offer.  Plus he is so gorgeous he stops traffic wherever you go. 
   ChArdent Nessun Dorma - "Luciano"
GCh Targa Speak of the Devil x GCh Ardent American Express
         Ch. Ardent Effervesence
                    GCh J Forr Joseph A Unique Dream Boy x
                             Ch Harwood Ardent Sophisticate
"Fizz" completed his show career in grand style. He took both a Winner's Dog and Best of Winners honors at the 2019 Palm Springs Specialties in January, and quickly won most of his championship points in the next few shows.  We then took him to our PCA National Specialty where he took a very prestigious second in his class!  

Champion Fizz is now loved by a family in the Czech Republic where he will be continuing his show career, as well as being a family pet.

        Ch. Targa Speak of the Devil x Donnchada Debutante
Ch. Donnchada Ardent American Sweetheart
                                                                2020 Puppies 
 Last year we went overboard keeping show puppies!   Three from Allie's litter - Ace (see above), Stormy and Jazz.  One from Debbie's litter - Ricki.   One from Hotsie's litter - Ardent Hottish.   And if that wasn't enough, we have acquired the beautiful cream Gilda from Lakeridge Poodles, and another cream Revy girl from Coplar Creek Standard Poodles - Sally. 
Stormy with a Best of Variety win.  
Lucci at home.
Gilda at seven months.
Libby at 13 years, Jan. 2021.
Fizz is a very special dog in many ways, particularly his great front end assembly.  He is a somewhat smaller size dog than many show Standards.  We have great demand for a little bit smaller Standard Poodles, and we hope in the future to breed Fizz by shipped semen to an exquisite smaller girl out of Allie.   
            GCh Ardent Talisman
GCh Tees Me Revelation of Ardent x
                       Ch Donnchada Ardent American Sweetheart

Ace outdid even his precocious sire Revy by finishing his championship and then a grand championship in a total of four outings, at 10 months, 4 days.  

Ace is now back from his show career in his guardian home in Eugene, OR.  We hope he will develop into our next wonderful sire.   
        Ardent Bayless of Conwy
GCh Tees Me Revelation of Ardent x
            Ch Donnchada Ardent American Sweetheart

Here is one of our 2020 puppies, by our own sire and dam, finishing her championship in style, with many compliments from the judge.

Jazz is now back home with her guardian owners who live in our same town.  She is growing up with her own gang, hopefully to have puppies of her own one day.  
Ricki winning Best Opposite Sex to Best of Variety.
                            Ardent Autumn Rose
   Ch Summermist Dynamo x Ch Donnachada Ardent American Sweetheart
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Here is our youngest in the show ring, from Allie's 2021 litter.  Rose's second weekend out resulted in a Best of Variety win in San Antonio!  Rose is beautiful, elegant and leggy.

Rose is getting ready now for her adult debut in the Open class in 2023.